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Jingcheng Ceramic's first all antique brick production line of whole body

Date:2015-1-22 16:50

April 3 morning, Jiangxi Jingcheng Co., the second-line production line was firing into production, the main production line of high-grade whole entire body vitrified rustic tiles, it is also a high security local businesses first in order for the first-tier cities and export markets, heavily built of antique brick production line, expected to the product at the end of April the official.
According to general manager Luo Xuzhe sincere introduction, this second production line than a traditional antique brick production line equipped with multiple multi-fabric, enamel grinding machine, dried grain machine, rubber roller printing machine, soft toss machines and other equipment, the After the completion of the production line, not only the market can produce some solid whole body, multiple brick powder cloth, spot whole body, half throwing brick, full brick throwing, but also whole body to do magic brick mill imported. The daily output of 8,000 square meters production line, mainly producing 600 × 600,800 × 800,600 × 900mm Specifications of high-grade glass full of antique brick whole body, the product range whole body colors, including ordinary wood, striae, Gyrosigma, metal glaze, crystalline glaze , art backdrop, multiple fabric powder, solid whole body series. Meanwhile, the sincere will for the present volume continues to expand export markets, in line with the second production well the product immediately put into a third production line, mainly produces high-grade small-size antique bricks, such as 300 × 800,15 × 15,600 × 15mm and other specifications, enrich, improve the product package to form a high, medium, multi-dimensional specifications of the product chain.
According to chairman of Romanian Jiangxi Jingcheng Ceramic Co., Ltd. to full briefings, the ignition of the second production line put into the company in accordance with high standards, high demand for domestic cities and export markets heavily to build high-end antique brick production line, the company to highlight the brand to form a reasonable differential positioning of the brand, the company will be to "Lo stone still house" brand high-end occupation of the domestic market, into the international market. And the company also committed to second-tier products will not enter the third tier cities and rural markets, subvert the traditional high-security domestic enterprises to form a unique marketing strategy of differentiation.
It is understood that the present high safety sincere local businesses in antique tiles, one of the biggest export market, since the spring of this year, the company has gradually received more than 60,000 sqm of export orders. With the second-, three production lines of production, the company will continue expanding the export market, while the product specifications, brand positioning, the company will form a medium and small size, high profile products such as supporting a reasonable idea of perfect. The company "Bo Nita" brand to expand overseas market, with managing director, general manager of Zhu Liang Rong marketing for many years of experience, accurate positioning to the product, the company increased export orders, expected this year's export sales more than 60 million. This year early in March, Nanchang, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Commerce had organized the Customs, Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Jiangxi Province and other products related to unit leaders on the export of ceramics investigated good faith, that should support the export business. At present, the sincere high-security base in ceramic enterprises with independent export right one.

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